5 de outubro de 2007

my love

( de meu Pequeno)

my love has two eyes to see my smile
and my eyes reflect unconditional love.
my love has one heart to record
and exhibit the truth of my being.
my love has one soul to know
the depth and trials of my soul.
my love has two lips to kiss
me to feel the passion of my blood.
my love has one body to cry
from in pleasure or pain.
my love has two ears to hear
my pledges of fidelity and eternity.
my love has one sense of mystery
to torture me with her sensuality.
my love has one mind to create
the world in which I exist.

- Andrew -

( Não sei se a poesia era para mim,
mas havia vestígios que lembravam
minha face e minhas palavras.
E aqui o eternizei.)